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Every website we design is custom made for you, with a unique look that's all your own. We will discuss what your vision is in advance to be sure this vital piece of your marketing is targeted to the right audience, and includes the proper functionality to meet your needs.


Each web design project includes a fully responsive, mobile optimized version, along with tablet and desktop designs. We also structure each site with elements that are easily recognized and indexed by search engines so customers can find you easier.

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ACME Door + Mirror

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We understand that each of our clients has a different budget to work with, so all of our services can be scaled to fit your situation. We’ll have a look at what you have upfront for the initial design, as well as your ongoing marketing budget for project maintenance. It’s important to view your website as an ongoing marketing tool that requires regular attention, and some elements can be implemented over time if needed.


Website builders and templates can only get you so far, and have serious design limitations. If you are ready to take your business marketing to the next level, you'll need to stand out from the crowd - a custom design is what you need!

Mobile First



All of our web packages emphasize mobile first and responsive design. Google gives preference to sites that are fast and mobile optimized, and we get all of our projects verified as mobile friendly before going live.


The stats below show traffic from the Commotion Art website, you can see that over 90% of our visitors are using smart phones. Naturally, you want to put most of your energy into what your potential customers are seeing, so we'll start there!

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Search Engine



You may have heard Search Engine Optimization, but why is it so important? Effective SEO gets your site moved to the top of web searches, and gets you seen by more customers. Without it, your website will be invisible to potential clients in searches like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Good SEO turns a website into an effective marketing tool by driving traffic to your site.


At Commotion Art, we boost your SEO primarily with content management. Consistently producing content via blog posts is an excellent way to tell search engines that your site is active, and fills your website with keywords that people will be searching when looking for your business. Ranking high in search results takes time and effort, but is a great way to boost traffic to your site and increase sales!

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Avant Pool & Spa

Redbird Soap




All of our website packages include monthly maintenance. This may be an unexpected expense, but an effective website requires constant updates in order to optimize your SEO. Sites like Google give preference to websites with fresh, up to date content, so it's vital that we make updates frequently. This also gives you a chance every month to update your company information. I'll let you know if any of your pages aren't performing well with customers, and we can take appropriate action to maximize your return on investment.  Your site will be an ongoing and active marketing tool.

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