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Responsive website design

The Problem

Hannah Skalsky, a tattoo artist based in Austin, Texas, asked for our help with her marketing. As with most tattoo artist, she was mostly dependent on the tattoo shop she worked for to market her services. If she decided to change locations, as she was doing at the time, most of her marketing went away.


Tattoo artist are all essentially small business owners, and Hannah recognized that taking control of her own marketing would free her up to work anywhere she wanted - a very smart decision!


The only request in functionality Hannah made during development was to include an option for her customers to make deposit payments online to her PayPal account. Otherwise, she was open to suggestions from our team.


We were ready to go!



The Solution

A clean, beautiful website that plays an active role in Hannah’s marketing!


In addition to showing off her portfolio, we included a Q&A that gives potential customers an idea of how she works and what to expect when working with her.


The website also includes a Contact button that stays in a constant position on every page - you may have noticed one on our site, too! All sites should encourage potential clients to contact you, and you want it to be as easy as possible for them to do so.


The contact page also includes and option for customers to pay their deposits online and explains the payment policy, saving Hannah time with every customer she works with.


In addition to the website’s great looks, its built in SEO functionality will take Hannah’s marketing to the next level. Her monthly maintenance package includes one blog post written by our professional blogger, as well as any content revisions the site needs.


Each month we provide keyword research so that her blog posts include content that customers are actually searching for. Over time Google will recognize this frequent, relevant activity and rank her website higher. This approach takes time, but will definitely pay off in the long run.

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Responsive website design
Responsive website design

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Responsive website design