Conference Logo Design

Logo design for the Collaborative Rehab Conference in Denton, Texas.

The Problem

The Collaborative Rehab Conference was gearing up for their first annual event in Denton, Texas, and needed our help branding the event.


They were looking for something that conveyed the idea of collaboration and unity.


The primary demographic for the conference includes treatment providers, clinicians, social workers, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and probation officers.


We were ready to go!



The Solution

A clean, unique design that would be easily identifiable as the Collaborative Rehab Conference was developed.


The design utilizes a simple geometric shape, repeated in a circle to portray collaboration and unity.


This simple shape, when working together with similar shapes, creates something new that is beautiful, strong and functional — much like the collaboration the conference is hoping to achieve.


The icon and the lettering can work independently from one another, offering a high degree of versatility in the design.

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