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"I have worked with Commotion Art on several projects for my companies, they have designed both logos and websites. They are a diamond in the rough and really know what they are doing. Every time we bring an idea to them, they are able to easily turn our companies into branding machines. I would highly recommend them. Fair priced. Honest. Quick to respond and listens to their customer's needs."


— Michael Williamson,

Clients First Landscaping

Avant Pool & Spa

"Commotion Art was very quick and efficient. Was receptive to my vision and what I was looking for in a logo design while still providing an artistic view. The end result was more than I expected."


— Adam Darrach,

ANA Site Construction

Websites that actually

DO something


At Commotion Art, we love design. Like — really, really love design!


We also believe that your website should do more than sit there and look pretty. It should play an active role in your marketing and attract new business.


It should provide value to your customers, and position you as a leader in your field.


That’s why our websites are more than just websites — they are living, breathing marketing efforts that evolve over time to meet your business and marketing needs.


We offer monthly services on all of our websites that include:


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content marketing

Keyword research

Social media integration

Local search optimization

Email marketing

Monthly client updates


Our marketing plans are custom made for your business, and are designed to grow as your business grows.


What you need on day one is different than what you will need as time goes on, so we’ll adjust!

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Small business branding that’s designed to last


Your business needs an awesome logo, of course!


Beyond that, it needs an identity that will stand the test of time. Your business needs to become a BRAND.


At Commotion Art, we understand that as your business grows, more and more designers will be working with you on your marketing. We would love to handle everything for you, but that’s just not realistic.


That’s why we don’t stop at logo design, we develop style guides for every business we work with.


Style guides, or branding guidelines, provide detailed information on how your logo can and can’t be used. We develop these guidelines for you and provide them in a PDF that can be sent out to anyone who works with your brand.


These guides protect the integrity of your brand, and ensure that it remains consistent over time.


Our branding package includes:


Color logo design

Black and white logo design

Business card design

Letterhead design

Envelope design

Custom brand style guide booklets


You run a great business, and your branding should reflect that.

Lets Go!

Gorgeous print collateral and advertising design


We design things on paper, too! You know, paper?


Print design still matters in this digital world. At Commotion Art, we love designing for print — we have over 17 years of experience in advertising and design.


As with all of your marketing, a big picture approach is best when it comes to your collateral pieces.


A flyer or brochure that doesn’t match the look and feel of your website will confuse your customers and dilute your brand.


Everything should tie together seamlessly for brand recognition. Each piece you produce should be instantly recognizable as…YOU!


Our print design service includes:


Advertising design

Trade show design

Table banners



Business cards

Vehicle wraps

Book and cover design


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